Art Lotto No.01 Drops January 4th

Painting by Gabriel Baribeau in support of Defund HPS

Today we launch Art Lotto, presented by CA$INO Artspace and Bonus Earth. 🌎

This project is inspired by all artists who have self-operated raffles and lotteries on their Instagram pages to raise money for important causes like housing, land back, and BLM since COVID-19 began. To us, these raffles were bold statements about art and community in the face of systems of professionalization like galleries and representation that no longer serve our needs as creators.

Art Lotto is an autonomous platform built by Bonus Earth and Stewart Jackson. Every two weeks, we will launch a new lotto featuring original artwork. We are tired of making art to decorate the homes of the rich and that our friends can't afford, but we are also tired of artists not getting paid. We're trying to fix both of those issues and re-route funds to communities fighting for our collective liberation. We are a lotto in support of life. 🌿

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Artist: Gabriel Baribeau

Cause: Defund HPS

Lotto Drops: January 4th, 2021

Lotto Ends: January 17th, 2021


Title: Fall Games

Size: 24" x 18"

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2019

About the Artist + Cause

Gabriel Baribeau is a Hamilton-based artist who works with themes of environmental precarity, the consumer as a global role, and art as a proponent of social change and community building. Recently, Gabriel spoke with Centre 3 about how his work has changed due to COVID. He talked about art as action:

"It's never really mattered what the art is as a product, that has more to do with crafting and taste. It's about the context. How does it meet its context as an action?"

A couple of weeks later, he found himself rallied by Defund HPS's city hall occupation in support of a housing strategy for the large numbers of un-homed citizens this winter.

Read more about Defund HPS and their projects:

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January 18th - Nicole Levaque

February 1st - Sonali Menezes

Art Lotto would not be possible without Casino Artspace.

Art Lotto is located on territory traditionally stewarded by the Haudenosaunee.

Luck be with you!