Death, Sex, and Money

Lotto 11 features skulls for pandemic sex-worker support!

How’s your summer going? Have you been swimming? Camping (if so how did you score a site!!)? Day-tripping with iced coffees?

Whatever you do to enjoy yourself in addition to playing art lotto, we hope it’s giving you energy and zest. You may have already seen that you didn’t win last round, unless you were Margaret Flood (WAY 2 GO MARGARET!!**!**!*~~~). But don’t let it get you down. There’s more art to go around. 🎡 🍀 🧧

Winners and Losers alike, we have a gift for you! Here’s link to what we’ve been told is the song of summer. Agree or disagree? Either way, get ready for another round of Canada’s Top Art Lotto!!!!

Lotto No.11

Artist: Jess MacCormack

Cause: Maggie’s Toronto

Lotto Drops: July 7th, 2021

Lotto Ends: July 27th, 2021


Title: Shame Shame

Dimensions: 15" x 11"

Medium: Watercolour on Paper

Year: 2020



Jess MacCormack’s practice engages with the intersection of institutional violence and the socio-political reality of personal trauma. Working in various mediums, from installation and video to community art, their art explores queer politics, mental illness, embodiment and criminalization. 

Their digital work has been shared through various online platforms, such as VICE Creator’s project, PAPER Mag, Art F City and even the White House Tumblr. Their animations have been screened internationally at festivals such as Ottawa International Animation Festival, MIX-26 the New York Queer Experimental Film Festival, Transcreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival, LA Film Fest at UCLA, Inside Out, Imaginative Film Festival and International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA). 

They recently launched a book called ‘Shame Shame Go Away.’ Check it out or get a copy!

About Maggie’s Toronto: We're providing critical programming and services for sex workers across Toronto & the GTA.   The COVID-19 pandemic has required us to dramatically expand our existing programs, resources and supports. We rely on the generosity of donors like you to support our movement for sex worker justice. 


July 28th - David Bellemare

August 17th - Katie McDonald

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