Did you win? + A Surreal Summer Deal

Art Lotto reaches new heights.

Wow. We are wiping the sweat from our brow - what a wild lotto that was! 😅😅😅

The most competitive and down to the wire ticket buyers we’ve experienced to date. We’ll cut right to the chase in case you didn’t already see who won. The lucky lottery darling this round was Jean Chan. Way 2 go! We’re so excited for you.

Sorry if you missed out this time around but thank you deeply for helping to raise money for an important cause.

But just like that we are on to the next! Are you ready? Are you feeling lucky?

Lotto No.09

Artist: Andrea Flockhart

Cause: Hamilton Encampment Support Network

Lotto Drops: May 25rd, 2021

Lotto Ends: June 13th, 2021


Title: The Sin Eater

Dimensions: 7.25”x4”x2”

Medium: Mixed media in handmade glass case 

Year: 2019



Andrea Flockhart is an interdisciplinary artist living in Hamilton, Ontario. She graduated with an interdisciplinary BFA from NSCAD university in Halifax. Since returning to Hamilton, Andrea was a founding member of the collaborative arts studio Casino Artspace. She is also a member of the local Aluminum Quilting Society and a participant in a variety of community art projects.

Hamilton Encampment Support Network is a volunteer-run advocacy network supporting the growing community of houseless and unhoused Hamiltonians. HESN was present at both the Ferguson ad First Ontario Centre encampments that were dismantled by the City of Hamilton in October 2020.

We saw, first hand, that advocacy was needed around legal observation and consent-based negotiation between the authorities and encampment residents and we intervened, where asked, when the rights of Hamiltonians were being infringed upon.


June 14th - Alicia Nauta

July 5th - Jess MacCormack

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Luck be with you!