Hello Frida Kahlo: A Hot Take on an Icon

Jenn The Artist is serving up the best of pop culture for your lotto pleasure

Today I have the urge to share a calming video of ocean mist.

I’m not sure why but maybe it’s what the Art Lotto fam needs on this cool and stone grey November day.

‘An organic collage for quiet voyages in your mind.’

Enjoy the soothing sounds before we bring you the hype.

Winner winner Ariel Bader Shamai!!! You lucky goose. This is your day.
I almost hate to announce this one since we know there will be so many disappointed players this round. Fear not!

~*~***Whenever one lotto closes, another one opens.~~**** * * **

Lotto No.15

Artist: Jenn The Artist

Cause: Mental Health Rights Coalition

Lotto Drops: November 16, 2021

Lotto Ends: December 7th, 2021


Title: Portrait of Frida Kahlo 

Dimensions: 16” x 20”

Medium: Marker on Canvas

Year: 2021



Jenn the Artist is Hamilton’s most prolific and recognized artist. Any Hamilton art collection that does not feature her work is undeniably incomplete (a-hem @agh).  Her style is iconic and strong, as she catalogues pop culture through ink marker portraiture. She grips the marker with a confident fist that captures the subject with earnestness and some amount of irreverence that cuts through prestige and pomp and lays it out bare. From Jesus to GG Allan, the Ninja Turtles to the N’Sync, Jenn will poke her marker through to a kernel of truth. Jenn is a mental health survivor who rocks the canvas as a creative outlet as well as financial support. A vigorous entrepreneur, her work is available as scotch-tape laminated prints, as well as canvas originals, and can be found on the street at every art crawl, or direct through Jenn, who takes commissions happily. 

The Mental Health Rights Coalition (MHRC) was formed in 1991 by a group of Consumer/Survivors who were concerned about the province's move toward de-institutionalization in the absence of adequate and appropriate community supports and services. MHRC later became one of the dozens of organizations that were funded in a provincial initiative to create CSIs. MHRC was incorporated as a non-profit in 1995 and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by paid staff.

Membership is free of charge to mental health consumers over the age of 18, and almost all of our programs and services are free of charge to consumer members. Family members and service providers are also free to join, but only those who have self-identified as consumers/survivors have voting privileges can stand for election to the Board of Directors or can be hired to work at MHRC. To sign up, please see our membership form on our contact page.


December 8th - Kareem Ferreria

January 5th - Jessie Hiss

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