Lottery Number 3 ~ The Third Time is the Charm 🍀

Back for another round with Sonali Menezes...

Hello Lotto-Lovers!

Did you miss us? Probably not because we’ve haven’t stopped since we started. We are back with a lotto just in time for Valentine’s Day <3 We will announce the winner on February 14th! If you win you’ll have a beautiful gift for the occasion from artist Sonali Menezes, if not, you give the gift of supporting the Disability Justice Network of Ontario. Win-win!


You’re probably waiting to hear if it was you, luckiest of lottery players, who one the truly spectacular work by Nicole Levaque.

Well, if your name is Kelsey Burns, congrats! You’ve one this round. But don’t be fooled by randomness - just because you won this time doesn’t make you any less likely to win next time too! Thank you so much to everyone who participated. We are honoured and humbled and grateful. We hope you’re having fun playing Art Lotto.


Artist: Sonali Menezes

Cause: DJNO Caremongering

Lotto Drops: February 1st, 2021

Lotto Ends: February 14th, 2021


Title: The Hairy Bather

Size: 12”x 18”

Medium: Screenprint

Year: 2019

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About the Artist + Cause

Sonali Menezes is an interdisciplinary artist based in Hamilton, ON. She holds an Honours BA in Studio Art from the University of Guelph and is the youngest of triplets. Sonali utilizes performance, video, zines, sculpture, printmaking, poetry and sometimes-exorbitant amounts of Manwich tomato sauce.  Her work reflects her resistance to the histories of colonialism and racialization within which she is interwoven.

Here’s the artist’s statement on the work we’re raffling off this time:

The Hairy Bather is a hairy recreation of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres' 1808 painting the Valpincon Bather. It's dedicated to all the hairy girls who've ever felt that their hair made them less worthy of love, affection and intimacy. 

Learn more about their practice on this episode of ‘Hopping the Fence’ podcast

The Disability Justice Network of Ontario [DJNO] imagines a world where people with disabilities are free to be. The Disability Justice Network of Ontario (DJNO) aims to build a just and accessible Ontario, wherein people with disabilities:

  • Have personal and political agency

  • Can thrive and foster community

  • Build the power, capacity, and skills needed to hold people, communities, and institutions responsible for the spaces they create

The CareMongering project lead by DJNO which funds from this lotto will directly support, is a mutual aid service meant to deliver food to people's doorstep during the COVID-19 outbreak founded in March 2020.


February 15th - Laura Hudspith

March 1st - Destiny Grimm

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Luck be with you!