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First of all it’s halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice. Happy Beltane! Happy May Day! The stars and labourers unite in this very auspicious moment. How did you celebrate?

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Lotto No.08

Artist: Sara Anstis

Cause: COVID 19 prisoner emergency support fund 

Lotto Drops: May 3rd, 2021

Lotto Ends: May 23rd, 2021


Title: Untitled

Medium: charcoal on paper

Year: 2020



Anstis uses sensuous soft pastels and paint to build fantasy worlds at a remove from heteronormative patriarchy, yet strikingly transformative of it. The predominant concepts that Anstis’s works explore are “subjectivity, Eros, Thanatos, humour, personal mythologies, misunderstandings and (mis)anthropomorphisms.” These themes are woven together in her paintings alongside a plethora of otherworldly elements - strange creatures, surreal landscapes and plants - by which her feminine figures lay claim to desire, for better or for worse. 

Recent exhibitions include I WANT TO FEEL ALIVE AGAIN (Lyles & King, NYC), Just As I Am (1969 gallery, NYC), Canons (Galerie Derouillon, Paris), Comings and Goings (Fabian Lang Gallery, Zurich). She has an upcoming solo show at Fabian Lang Gallery, Zurich in Spring 2021. 

The Prisoner Emergency Support Fund is intended for people inside prisons and jails and recently released prisoners. People behind bars often need support to contact their loved ones or purchase essential items on their canteen. Recently released prisoners need access to funds for housing, food, clothing, and physical and mental health supports. Families who still have loved ones behind bars need funds for expensive phone bills and canteens.


May 24th - Andrea Flockhart

June 14th - Alicia Nauta

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