Pink, Delicate, Luminous. It's Lotto #4!

Pittsburgh's Laura Hudspith for Grassroots Org, Wildlife Preservation Canada!

We hope you are feeling cared for and loved wether you celebrated Valentine’s day or not.

We hope you survived the recent snow storm and the grey days that are finally giving way to more hours of brightness and sunlight.

We hope you are greeting Aquarius season’s mood of change and revolution with an inspiring vision of the future.

We also hope you are ready for for another round of Art Lotto!! Are you having fun so far? We are bringing a bright spot to a gloomy month with a glowing sculpture by the master moulding and casting (among other things!) artist Laura Hudspith.

But before we get into the details of the Lotto that launches today, we figure you might want to know who won the last round…

If you are Mack Mackenzie you can thank your lucky stars. This was your round! If that’s not you, this next round might be the one!!! Buy a ticket and take a chance on fortune.

We know we say this every time but we are really thankful to anyone that has ever bought a ticket, or ever told a friend. Thank you so much!


Artist: Laura Hudspith

Cause: Wildlife Preservation Canada

Lotto Drops: February 15th, 2021

Lotto Ends: February 28th, 2021


Title: Pink Wing [From the Series ‘Water Wing’]

Size: 12 x 9 x 6”

Medium: Cast, pigmented resin

Year: 2019

We are promised relief, even as we stand on the precipice of ecological disaster. ‘Pink Wing’ is a piece from a larger series of sculptures reflecting on this theme. Hudspith sees bubble wrap as a paradoxical material - material–eternal and infernal, soft yet unyielding, floatation device and flotsam. A paradoxical object for a paradoxical moment.

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Currently based in Pittsburgh, Canadian artist Laura Hudspith holds a BFA with distinction from Concordia University (Montreal), and was the recipient of the Irene F. Whittome Prize in Studio Arts. She has exhibited her work and participated in residencies in both Canada and the United States, notably with solo exhibitions at This Month Only, and Project Gallery, Toronto; group exhibitions at Kontort Production Space, Katzman Contemporary, and Interaccess, Toronto; and such residencies as the James Black Gallery, Vancouver; Wreck City, Calgary; and the Red Lodge Clay Center, Montana. Hudspith’s work has received recognition from several Canadian granting bodies including the Toronto Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ontario Arts Council, and has been presented with a Visual Arts Mississauga Jurors’ Award for her work ‘Body Double’, during the artist’s first museum show at the Art Gallery of Mississauga in 2020. She has been awarded a Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant in 2020.

See more of her work on her Instagram

Wildlife Preservation Canada, the beneficiary of this Lotto, is a Guelph based organization that works to “save animal species at risk from extinction in Canada by providing direct, hands-on"


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