We got you Flowers. Get Yourself Years of Sound Baths.

HAVN Drops an Entire History of Music for Lotto #6

Here’s a spring bouquet from us to you.

We hope the lotto circuit is treating you well.

If you haven’t won, we hope you’re having fun.

We’re back after a week hiatus. Art Lotto will be moving from running in 2 week cycles to three week cycles.

Now for the news you really care about…. Who won?

Well this round, taking home a beautiful Destiny Grimm ceramic piece is Taj Rodgers.


Lotto No.06

Artist: HAVN Records

Cause: Landback Lane

Lotto Drops: March 21st, 2021

Lotto Ends: April 11th, 2021


Title: HAVN Records Booster Pack

Medium: Cassette Tapes, Vinyl, CD

Year: 2013-2019

Included in this Booster Pack is one of every remaining HAVN records release from the label's inception in 2013.

Full Discography:

Hello Babies - Galapagos

Haolin Munk - HMEP1

Eccinaccea - ~ Swilks ~

Eschaton - Tour Tape Two

Reiki Share - Reiki Share

Big River Dream - Isolationist 

Emay x L-SPEX - S O R R Y 

Haolin Munk - HMEP2

Sixon - dense

Eccinaccea / Hutchie - La Mode Des Pêches

Various - HAVN COMP 1


Leland Whitty - ep

New Hands - Leave With The Night 

Motëm - Where the Wild Things Are

Aaron Lumley & Freeman/Borden/Cain - Split

Trevor Turple - After Ever

Eucalyptus - Stop & Go

HUT NOW - When they fix it and it looks good again I’ll be happy but until then I’m gonna be sad

Colin Fisher - Secret Harmonies

Benjamin Muñoz - Dear Ennui

Jaunt - Chat ~Hamilton Edition~


Fresh Flesh - No

Emily Denison - Kindred

Lee/Palmer/Bennett - The Phantom Hunter

Bellwether4 - Bellwether4

Eccinaccea - Soluble Login

Hutchie - Certain Synchronicities

Jazz Bras Dot Com - Witch Tapes

Livestalk and the bodies - cope street

Chronicles Dub Trio - Chapter II: Marcus Garvey


Reiki Share - A Big Download

Haolin Munk - Planestasia Suite CD and LP

glassEYElashes - Jellyfish


HAVN Records was born out of HAVN - Hamilton Audio Visual Node (2012-2020) one of Hamilton’s most vibrant and community oriented arts spaces. Here’s a great interview about how they came to be. HAVN has been an important and historical site for Hamilton’s art scene.

Proceeds from this Lotto will go to Landback Lane Legal Fund.

Here’s a little about them: On July 19 2020 The Land Defenders of 1492 Land Back Lane stopped the housing development project of Mackenzie Meadows boarding the town of Caledonia and the Six Nations reserve. We have taken this peaceful direct action to call attention to the ongoing aggressive development of our lands. Mackenzie meadows housing development is one of several approved developments surrounding our community.


April 11th - Zombie Art by Terri

May 3rd - Sara Anstis

Art Lotto would not be possible without Casino Artspace.

Art Lotto is located on territory traditionally stewarded by the Haudenosaunee.

Luck be with you!