You Could Own Nature's Quilt

Are your walls ready for Mother Earth? Lotto #10 is a Milestone.

Here’s another late night dispatch from Art Lotto. For those of you working after 11PM - today is your lucky day! The lotto is officially open.

We’re really excited to host back to back lottos in support of housing. Last month we featured Hamilton Encampment Support Network and this month we have Toronto Tiny Shelters. Just because lockdown is coming to an end doesn’t been the housing problems exacerbated by COVID-19 have gone anywhere. Let’s raise those funds for our unhoused neighbours and community members!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last round. We’re just going to come out and say it - Molly Merriman is the lucky winner! Congratulations you lovely lotto player. We can’t way we won’t miss this piece.

Lotto No.10

Artist: Alicia Nauta

Cause: Toronto Tiny Shelters

Lotto Drops: June 15th, 2021

Lotto Ends: July 5th, 2021


Title: Wandering Star

Dimensions: 18" x 24"

Medium: Screenprint 

Year: 2019



Alicia Nauta is a Tkaronto based artist. She makes collages from her archive of photocopied material culled from publications found in thrift stores and reference libraries. The collages are translated to screenprint, risograph and cyanotype in the form of prints, wallpaper, books, textiles and other multiples. Much of her work serves as speculative windows into past, present and future realities. She is interested in multiples, created through various print methods, for their democratic and accessible qualities. Her work has been shown at the Plumb, Toronto Public Reference Library, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Ferry Terminal Docks, Gallery 44, Art Metropole, Burnaby Public Library, Printed Matter and Koganecho Art Centre. She was the artist in residence at the AGO; her giant collaborative book, library project and exhibition, 'A book from the world tomorrow' was supposed to open March 14, 2020.

At the beginning of March, Khaleel opened the gofundme to accept donations for legal fees since the city of Toronto sued him:

"The tiny shelters were meant to give temporary shelter to those in need. People still need them. Along with dropping its case, I'm asking that the City stop removing tiny shelters while temperatures are still low and while COVID-19 is still out of control in the shelter system. Removing tiny shelters right now is putting people in unnecessary danger. As the case continues, and because others have asked to donate, I've decided to open the GoFundMe donations page to accept contributions towards my legal fees. Excess donations will go to the Encampment Support Network, who are dedicated to supporting encampment residents." -statement from Khaleel

Read more in this New York Times Article or watch the video below.


July 6th - Jess MacCormack

July 27th - David Bellemare

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Luck be with you!