Lotto 11 features skulls for pandemic sex-worker support!
Are your walls ready for Mother Earth? Lotto #10 is a Milestone.
Art Lotto reaches new heights.
The bases are loaded and Art Lotto is stacked!
Garden season is officially here and so is Lotto #7!
HAVN Drops an Entire History of Music for Lotto #6
Betting on yourself on the First of March. Lotto #5 is Here for you.
Pittsburgh's Laura Hudspith for Grassroots Org, Wildlife Preservation Canada!
Back for another round with Sonali Menezes...
Things are heating up! Nicole Levaque + Indigenous Harm Reduction TO
Painting by Gabriel Baribeau in support of Defund HPS
Welcome to Art Lotto. We sell art and reallocate funds to initiatives supporting creativity, justice, and equitable futures. Our goal is to create acce…